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WORKSHOPS - $85 per person, plus tax

Our workshop classes are designed for students who enjoy learning techniques in a quick 2 hour class. The menus feature preparations that, at home or professionally, are naturally prepared in a short amount of time. All of our classes prepare recipes from whole food to presentation. The techniques taught are time honored and will make the moments you spend cooking and baking at home enjoyable.

Travel to Wellness
Learn how to infuse big flavor the natural way. Recipes focus on fresh, flavorful and healthy choices, using a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables. We’ll teach you to feel confident in choosing and preparing better food, and create innovative and flavorful dishes using the beautiful abundance of Mother Earth’s bounty.

Wisconsin Traditions
This class is a celebration of the cultural heritage of Wisconsin. You’ll use locally grown food to create true Wisconsin cuisine. We’ll focus on home cooking that showcases hearty, yet simple, dishes, and share our history and the secrets that make Wisconsin unique.

The Incredible Egg
Eggs are the shining star in a variety of dishes, from soufflés and omelets, to the perfect crêpe. In fact, crêpes are a favorite in France –sweet or savory– a versatile menu item. In French cafés there is one station that carries the highest degree of honor - the egg guy. It can be the busiest station, and takes the most skill. In this class you will learn how to create an ultra-thin crêpe and a variety of other egg recipes. An egg - for breakfast, lunch or dinner - always will delight!






Company's Coming
Learn to make classic European appetizers while focusing on European culinary techniques. These recipes are suited to serve in small portions and for a variety of culinary palettes to enjoy. Along with hands-on experience, you’ll get a glimpse of history, plus recipes you’ll be able to prepare for your own special occasions. In fact, we’ll make you look good in the kitchen!

Fresh is Better
A hands-on approach to a time-honored tradition... homemade pasta. We’ll walk you through the basic steps of pasta-making: choosing your ingredients, mixing and kneading the dough, rolling your pasta and cooking it perfectly. Making pasta can be an intimidating process but we’ll teach you the basic technique for the achievable skill. This step-by-step instruction will help you learn the look and feel of pasta dough, so you’ll reap the rewards of making fresh pasta on a regular basis, and consistently get the flavor, texture and color you desire.